Internet Failover Service

Starting at $5 per Month


When your primary Internet connection goes down, so does your business. Small businesses could lose $40 billion in productivity this year because of internet downtime*. Avoid outages with our Internet Failover Service.

Auto Connection – In case of any kind of failures, you immediately and automatically connect to our wireless backup system without connection interruption.

Advanced Security – Unified edge security, including multi-zone firewalls, IDS/IPS & Internet Security.

Universal Coverage – High-speed Internet, even in the most remote locations.

Durability and Reliability – Commercial grade units are designed to work in various environments.

Product Support – Access to account support representatives 24/7.

Our Failover Plans

  • Includes 500 MB Per Month
  • Maintain Mission-Critical Operations
  • No Contract Required
  • $12.50 For Additional GB
  • Includes 3 GB of Data Per Month
  • Equipment Rental
  • 1-Year Contract Required
  • $11.50 For Additional GB

Our SD-WAN Solution

Keep your business running and IoT devices connected with a Robust Internet Backup Connection.

Get a High-Performing network for your business with POND Mobile. IT professionals and network administrators are always looking for ways to increase productivity and security on their networks. With Cloud-Centric IT solutions, you have a clear path to ROI and Network stability.

POND Mobile can play a key role in your business's digital transformation. Our solutions are designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind. This approach allows your company to scale up and down as your organizational needs change.
  • 4G/5G wireless Multi-Network connection
  • Can be paired with your desired Enterprise-Grade equipment
  • Fixed or mobile wireless connectivity
  • Full control across 3 of the largest carriers
  • Customized large data pooling across multiple devices globally
  • Single-source for SD-WAN and global wireless services
  • Customized provisioning to attain maximum network performance
  • Cost-efficient for medium and large businesses
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Your Internet may go out, but your business doesn't have to be disrupted when it does.

Global Coverage

Global Coverage

Across 800+ Networks Worldwide

Rapid Deployment

Rapid Deployment

Industry Leading Deployment Times



Failover plans starting at just $5 per month

Remote Management

Remote Management

One simple, easy-to-use platform



Flexible to meet your business needs

Layered Redundancy

Layered Redundancy

Coverage from the 3 largest nationwide networks

One SIM Solution

A single minute of Internet downtime can cost your business over $6,500 in revenue.

Get the best Multi-Carrier IoT SIM card that works on the nation's 3 largest networks. Our SIM automatically switches over to a reliable network when your primary network fails, guaranteeing you the best coverage available.

Save big with POND:

  • One SIM card that works with multiple carriers across 200 countries
  • Reduce downtime due to cellular dead zones
  • Control costs by pooling your data
  • Rapid global IoT deployment
  • Vast library of flexible and easy-to-use APIs
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