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Now we've expanded to offer Global Connectivity solutions across 800 networks worldwide! In the US, coverage is provided by 3 of the Largest Nationwide Networks.

We create flexible solutions backed by a white glove customer service experience with respect to your business’s unique needs. Our customized plans provide options for any size business with a diverse lineup of solutions, from basic cell phone service to IoT for your business. Unlike aggregators, we have full control over the network, allowing us to develop highly customized solutions, offering flexibility where other providers can't. POND even offers a complete turnkey solution encompassing both logistics and reverse logistics, and our strategically placed international presence allows us to expedite equipment quickly and efficiently worldwide.

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Our Benefits



Custom Mobile Plans – Select and pay only for the specific features you need.

Simplicity – One plan covers all your needs without the need for an additional daily roaming plan.

Transparent Billing – No hidden fees or pricing gimmicks, eliminating the possibility of bill shock.

SIM Swap Protection – A manual number transfer process, also known as number porting, prevents your number from being stolen by an identity thief.

Savings – Save approximately 50% more than even the cheapest of the big US carriers.



Local International Numbers – Establish a local presence and eliminate expensive long-distance charges.

Secure Calls – Advanced safety protocols ensure that your communications stay private and protected.

Flexible Billing – Pay monthly or annually to receive an additional discount.

International Call Forwarding – Forward your calls from any country to any country utilizing our service.

Shipping Worldwide – We ship equipment where ever you are.



Global Service – Multi-language support from knowledgeable, Tier-3 certified account support representatives without transfers or hours of waiting

24/7 Customer Support – High-quality customer service, ensures any issues you might encounter are going to be solved quickly.

Dedicated Account Managers – Taking a personal interest in your business providing right-fit solutions for your needs.

No Sales Pitch – Customer support representatives are not allowed to upsell. Addressing your concerns is a priority, not attaining a sales quota.



Essential Connectivity in 220+ Countries & Destinations – LTE and 3G with no added charge. Always have access to a high-speed internet connection.

Unlimited Global Roaming – Stable high-speed LTE connection for calls, messages, and mobile data while roaming. No extra charges or sneaky fine print.

Access to Over 600 Networks Worldwide – Flexibility to manually switch providers for the strongest connection.

Simple International Calling – Make and receive calls from anywhere without extra per-minute charges. *within the 180 country list

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