IoT/M2M Connectivity

For Domestic & Global Applications


POND Mobile is a vertically integrated Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) and Global Wireless Service provider, serving customers in over 155 countries since 2011. We provide global wireless connectivity to Enterprise Customers with every component of service, technology, and the required management for M2M/IoT components. Our offerings are:

Multi-Network Connectivity

Multi-Network Connectivity enables you to connect to various Mobile Network Operators, both manually and automatically. This adds an extra layer of redundancy, stability, versatility, and significantly reduces dead zones.

Multi-IMSI Connectivity HUB

Multi-IMSI Connectivity HUB with over 22 Mobile Network Operator Partners with roaming agreements across 800+ carriers. This allows for robust global connectivity with multiple built-in redundancies

eSIM support

eSIM support enables the provision and deployment of new devices in a rapid and convenient fashion. People can store multiple profiles on a single device, effectively having two or more numbers, and switch between them with ease.

Multi-Network Connectivity

Support for 2G/3G/4G LTE/LTE-M


Management Capabilities

Device classification based on bandwidth demands as well as fixed and variable locations

Subscription Management solution for secure Over-the-Air (OTA) management of network credentials

Flexible service provisioning, activation, and on-boarding

Ability to monitor, maintain, & update devices through comprehensive API’s and a cloud-based platform

Bandwidth Classification

High Bandwidth
  • Wireless Office Connectivity
  • Wireless LAN Backup
  • Digital Signage
  • Video
  • Residential Routers
  • 3D Printing
High Bandwidth
  • Video (Broadcast)
  • Drone / UAV
  • Automotive
  • Autonomous
  • Transportation Telemetry & Diagnostics
  • Nautical / Airline / Railroad
Fixed Location Fixed Location
Variable LocationVariable Location
  • Home Automation
  • Industrial Internet
    • Machines
    • Energy / Smart Meter
    • Robotics
  • Municipal Apps
  • Self-Service Solutions
  • Parking Meters
  • ATM’s
Low Bandwidth
  • Consumer
    • Wearables
    • Healthcare
    • Trackers
  • Industrial
    • AVL
    • Pick Up and Delivery
    • Module Sensor Arrays
Low Bandwidth

Management Capabilities

Multiple Global APN’s will provide a stable, reliable connection with a global backup infrastructure. In the event of one or more go down, data can be re-routed to another continent if needed.

Multi-IMSI — With over 20 IMSI profiles, you will have access to local networks in more countries allowing for more flexibility and redundancy. In the event of a network failure, whether domestic or international, we can bring your device online faster by changing the IMSI profile. This will change the data route to another network infrastructure.

Device number allocation and two-way SMS support worldwide: allows devices to send SMS-Alerts

eSIM support for easy deployment and flexibility

24/7 Global Call Center support in 5 languages – Business does not stop at 5pm on Friday. Our call centers have tier 3 support staff. They take full ownership of the issue at hand and don’t take any other calls until everything has been resolved. Our support staff’s average tenure is 3.8 years. They are the driving force behind our 98.7% First Call Resolution. Not all issues can be resolved with one conversation; however, our support personnel will follow up with the customer until everything has been resolved.

Dedicated Account Managers — Each company is unique and has its own requirements. Our Account Managers take the time to really learn your business and assist with any help needed. They should be the first point of contact in a non-urgent situation. Whether it’s support, billing, or sales, they will be able to quarterback any request and provide a solution, making everything seamless to the end user.

Access to C-Level management is important not just for escalations, but also for additional solutions. If your business has a need and we can’t support it, just ask the people who can create what you need.

Simplified Billing — Not everyone wants to go through 1000’s of billing pages. We provide a simple option that has only the vital information. If you need more details, we can provide that as well. With Quarterly Account Analysis and Optimization recommendations, we help you save time and money.

POND Smart SIM — Every carrier has dead zones, and it’s impossible to know which carrier will work where. Swapping SIM cards may not always be an option. Our Smart SIM allows for connectivity to the best available network.

Local Representation/Offices located across US, UK, Germany, Dubai & Russia – Allows for quick access on the ground in areas needed most.

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