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Maritime Internet Connectivity

POND Link will keep you connected anywhere you go. With our advanced technology, you will have the ability to connect to multiple networks to ensure strong service and enough bandwidth for your needs. Install our POND Link Router and get a reliable internet connection up to 38 miles from the shore.

4G LTE Signal Booster – Our customized antennas maximize the signal strength to deliver you the fastest speeds available.

Plan Flexibility – Get a plan that fits your needs. We offer standard and custom-tailored plans to fit your lifestyle.

Extended Coverage – Robust internet on your yacht in over 220+ countries and ports.

Multiple Cards – Allows you to manage your data by distributing it across multiple cards.

Remote Support – Ability for technical support to access the system while you’re on the water and solve any issues that come might up.

Online Support – Our dedicated 24/7 support is always on the line to help you.

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