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International Roaming VS a Local SIM Card for International Travelers

Posted by Alex Kotler on February 19, 2021

Using your carrier's existing local SIM card is usually a bad idea. Service providers have excessive roaming clauses and a controversial practice of applying expensive roaming fees. There are very few exceptions. 

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Keep Your Roaming Charges Low When Traveling on Business in the US

Posted by Lolita Vyshniak on April 5, 2020

When traveling overseas, prepare yourself for the extreme roaming charges in USA. Better check the options in advance in order to save your time and money in the future. We will give you a few hints on how not to burn a fortune on your cell phone bills.

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How to Avoid Excessive Roaming Charges

Posted by Lolita Vyshniak on February 18, 2020

Let’s first discuss what excessive data means. The definition actually varies from one carrier to another, but there is one common understanding for everyone. So, if a client has used more than 50% of the allowed data roaming, the contract with them will be terminated or even worse the client company will be banned from the carrier. It is clearly seen that such flagrant cases of neglect the client convenience make them search for alternative carriers.

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How to Avoid Data Roaming Charges Abroad

Posted by Lolita Vyshniak on February 1, 2020

Data roaming charges can be very painful for frequent travelers - what are the ways to help yourself with reducing that bill?

There’s a lot of helpful advice out there in regards to saving on your cell phone data and avoiding data charges while staying abroad, and we’ve decided to make a list of the steps you can take that actually make a difference.

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A Comprehensive Solution for Business Travelers with Global Roaming

Posted by Lolita Vyshniak on December 26, 2019

Realistically, the issue of cell phone service is one of the biggest difficulties when it comes to traveling either for personal reasons, or work. However, there’s little to no progress when it comes to improving the quality of service on the part of traditional carriers - the top-4 biggest companies on the market stayed the same for the past 10+ years.

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Global Roaming Traps for the Frequent Travelers

Posted by Lolita Vyshniak on October 25, 2018

Planning to use your mobile phone for calls, texts or browsing the internet while on vacation or a business trip? You might think twice. Roaming costs are the leading cause of bill shock.

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Roaming Fine Print

Posted by Lolita Vyshniak on October 23, 2018

Rumor has it that roaming has become very inexpensive. As soon as the word spread, we’ve have been receiving a lot of questions about other U.S. and E.U. operators from our customers.

Somehow carriers tend to forget to mention that there are many restrictions regarding roaming usage. We decided to share some of these restrictions and limitations with you, and make sure you understand those restrictions.

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