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Benefit of a Separate Business Mobile Phone

Posted by Lolita Vyshniak on January 26, 2020

One of the most important aspects of running a business is customer service, which most of the time includes calls.

However, when you’re making these calls 24/7, and especially if there’s a whole support team - your business phone service bill can total up to overwhelming sums of money.

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5G Technology Is Coming Our Way - What Is It, and Why Should You Care?

Posted by Alex Kotler on January 16, 2020

5G stands for “Fifth Generation”, and as we’re currently at 4G in terms of public cell phone data service, is promised to be several times faster than its predecessor.

Browsing the web, downloading files and making video calls will also be more quick and smooth with 5G network, allowing you to complete all everyday tasks without Wi-Fi to rely on.

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5 Communication Tools to Increase Productivity

Posted by Lolita Vyshniak on January 8, 2020

Any conscientious business owner is always striving to improve on the existing strategies and processes in their work routine or between staff members. However, sometimes you really do hit a bit of a wall in terms of what can be done to increase your productivity. That’s why we’ve decided to make a little compilation of tools that can help you with that!

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A Comprehensive Solution for Business Travelers with Global Roaming

Posted by Lolita Vyshniak on December 26, 2019

Realistically, the issue of cell phone service is one of the biggest difficulties when it comes to traveling either for personal reasons, or work. However, there’s little to no progress when it comes to improving the quality of service on the part of traditional carriers - the top-4 biggest companies on the market stayed the same for the past 10+ years.

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What’s the Best Option for International Roaming Plans in 2019?

Posted by Lolita Vyshniak on December 18, 2019

As the world gets more and more globalized, international roaming plans are crossing over to become a necessity for any entrepreneur.

However, most of the traditional mainstream carriers still fail to provide high-quality global roaming services for an economically reasonable price.

When traveling, you’re often only going to get 2G data, and pay extra for your data abroad, not to mention outrageously expensive calls - and that’s very outdated when comparing to alternative service providers outside of the top-4 carriers.

Are poor cell phone services, over-the-top charges and inconsistent support really worth it?

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Tips to Prepare for Business Travel

Posted by Lolita Vyshniak on December 1, 2019

If your corporate trip is coming up, you probably have so much on your mind already - therefore, we tend to overlook the important details that need to be taken care of in advance to ensure smooth travel. POND Mobile has prepared a little cheat sheet for your next work trip so that it’ll go as convenient and safe as possible.

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How to Take Care of Your Privacy and Safety on the Internet

Posted by Lolita Vyshniak on November 19, 2019

It’s pretty apparent at the moment that the Internet is full of aspects that are ready to compromise your privacy or even safety in general.

Therefore, it’s only up to you to be proactive and take measures in order to steer clear from trouble - and we’ve compiled some tips to use as a checklist for your web safety overhaul:

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Your Digital Security Is In Your Hands With POND Mobile

Posted by Alex Kotler on October 30, 2019

Cybersecurity awareness is something that’s been brought to the forefront of current discussions only recently and provoked by a worldwide scandal with the social media privacy issues - which was definitely way too late. But the safety of your information on social media is not what you should exclusively be worried about.

Have you ever thought to yourself - "how secure are my calls"?

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Biggest Texting Mistakes You’re Making

Posted by Lolita Vyshniak on February 7, 2019

Honestly, texting has become one of the primary methods of communication nowadays, and it's more important than ever to become proficient at it.

Naturally, you're probably making several mistakes with this, and those might be actually ruining your texting game, while also leaving a bad taste in your correspondent's mouth.

No worries - we're going to help you figure out which ones exactly you're guilty of, and how to improve!

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How to Estimate Your Data Usage on Mobile Device

Posted by Lolita Vyshniak on January 2, 2019

As modern smartphone owners we are constantly lacking one of two resources. Either the battery is prematurely empty or the high-speed data volume is used up and we are surfing at a snail’s pace.

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