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Mobile Phone Plans for Domestic and International Businesses

Unmatched flexibility for your business. Save time and money by keeping all of your company’s lines on one plan. Learn more about our mobile phone plans for any size business or organization.

  • Custom Solutions for Your Business
  • Cost-Effective Connectivity
  • Free Telecom Expense Management Available  
  • Keep Your Whole Team Connected in 180 Destinations Around the World


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Connectivity Services

Global SIM Card


Global SIM Cards


Our extensive mobile network of strategically spread out APN’s allows for minimal latency, significantly improving the user experience.

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Internet Failover


Our Smart SIM allows for Multi-IMSI support covering 800+ carriers worldwide to keep you connected in the event of an outage starting at $5

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IoT & M2M


Global IoT & M2M


Connect IoT and M2M devices to a stable wireless connection from multiple networks. Flexible shared data plans from 50Kb up to 1PB.

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Fleet Management


Fleet Management


Global IoT fleet management tracking. Manage and monitor your entire fleet in real-time with one, easy-to-use platform.

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Deployment Service




Staging, Kitting, & Provisioning available for new devices. Device assembly and configuration with any added custom provisions.

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Expanded coverage: private and public LTE. Includes automatic over-the-air provisioning & unified billing for private and public network usage.

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Network as a Service (NaaS)

Network as a Service (NaaS) creates an optimal IT solution for medium to large businesses. By eliminating the need for expensive equipment, your company will be able to reduce operational costs significantly.

Since NaaS is cloud-based, you have the added benefits of enhanced security and reduction in downtime. This solution undergoes regular proactive maintenance to maximize and optimize its systems. Thus delivering a scalable network solution with multiple levels of redundancy.

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Custom Solutions


Major companies offer rigid, standardized solutions which are applicable to a majority of cases. But your business is different, you need flexible plans that meet your particular needs. 

  • Customized plans, regardless of size
  • Diverse line-up of solutions: from basic cell phone service to IoT for your business
  • With custom plans, pay only for the specific features you need
  • Get access to over 800 networks worldwide
  • Make and receive international calls without worrying about roaming fees
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Telecom Expense Management

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Companies are investing heavy resources into managing their telecom services. While these resources are necessary, expenses grow over time as new technology develops and new employees join. As a result, errors occur. There is an average of 5-12% of billing errors in company telecom budgets. 

With Telecom Expense Management, all your invoices will be stored in a single location, overcharges and errors in bills will be easily identified, and your plans will be managed to help you save money. Using TEM services has been proven to reduce company telecom expenses by 15-30%!

POND Mobile offers free Telecom Expense management to most business accounts. We are the only MVNO offering this solution for free. Both AI and manual contract reviewing systems will be used to ensure there are no errors on your bills. You will also be assigned a designated account manager that you can reach out to with any potential issues, saving you 30-40 hours a month on managing your plan.

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Customer Service


  • 24/7 live customer support in 6 different languages
  • Tier-3 trained customer service representatives
  • Hold times under a minute and a no transfer promise
  • Representatives are not allowed to upsell—their sole focus is addressing your concerns
  • You will be assigned a dedicated account manager when you open your account. They will work with you to determine who has access to your account, ensuring a high level of security.
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